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Toby Alfaro

Toby Alfaro

Director of Technology

I'm a seasoned technology executive in software development and ongoing business sustainment of enterprise class systems. I've lead technology teams in web-based training, lifestyle improvement programs, ecommerce sites, on-line gaming from casual games to full MMO implementations, and social networking.

My early interest in robotics led me to pursue a degree in Cognitive Science at the University of California, San Diego (UCSD). It was there that I learned the dynamics of human computer interactions with an emphasis on usability and multimedia. While pursuing my degree, I worked at the university and was at the forefront of Internet development from the days of the very first web-browser, Mosaic. I participated in the development of one of the first websites in San Diego County and became a proponent of web development - envisioning, architecting, and developing various websites to support the university.

During the late 1990s while at IVID Communications, a computer-based training and multimedia company, I pioneered the use of Internet and distributed-based technologies for delivering on-line learning programs and multimedia solutions. Through a series of successful projects, mentoring of software engineers, and involvement in setting technology strategy, I grew through the ranks to become the Chief Technology Officer.

In one of the company's most successful projects, I architected and helped implement a multi-site kiosk system that operated over a private satellite system for one of Mexico's largest retailers. The kiosk system was centrally managed by corporate headquarters, and updated inventory and promotional information was pushed out to in-store kiosks nationwide. The kiosk system also incorporated motion detectors and lighting to trigger various call-to-action animations and visual cues.

As a follow-up to the wildly successful kiosk project, I moved on to architect and to help implement a web-based fitness program. Through an elaborate series of health and fitness assessments, the product was designed to calculate one's "Fitness Age". I then joined a team to architect and implement a web-based lifestyle improvement program for training people on stress management, weight management, alcohol control, and for smoking cessation.

In 2000, I joined Upper Deck, a trading card company, as their Director of Technology responsible for building their interactive division and leading the company into the on-line space. I grew their operations to a world-wide web presence with 2+ million on-line customers generating 25 million page views per month across 5 major on-line properties localized in 11 languages.

I oversaw the implementation of a world-wide tournament management system for the company's card game products. The tournament data was tied into consumer profiles on-line and integrated into Upper Deck's social platform. The tournament system helped position the company as the premier trading card company in the world.

I architected and helped implement a kids-focused website, launched in 2006, which increased market penetration of kid's products from less than 10% to over 40%. The website incorporated various flash-based casual games, a loyalty "rewards" program, and a social networking site.

I then spearheaded the development effort to create a massively multi-player on-line social game (MMOSG). The MMOSG integrated physical product with an on-line sports world focused on building self-esteem and community through user-generated social clubs, teams, and an extensive achievement system.

In 2009, I left Upper Deck to reenergize through continued education in the fields of Computer Science, Health and Fitness. In the process, I've discovered a passion for running. Before 2009, I just could not understand why people ran. Now, it's a part of my life having completed several half-marathons including my first full marathon in June 2011. With EPICo, I also have the opportunity to follow my other passion, technology. With each project, I look forward to bringing my wealth of experience and knowledge to other burgeoning companies as a technology strategist and implementor.