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Paul Schwartz

Paul Schwartz

Project Manager & Client Relationship Manager

I have always sought to understand "why" we do things and "how" we can do them better. This mindset has allowed me to see and move to trends in their early stage, and for the most part it has turned out well. When it didn't, I was able to learn valuable lessons.

I began my career in the 80s in the healthcare field with the hope of improving people's fitness and overall health. From there I went on to do customer service for a health insurance company that specialized in self-insured group health. One of our new clients wanted to be different and created a unique benefits structure for their employees. It turned out I was one our few reps to understand the plan. I was the only service rep assigned to their account and even traveled to their offices. That account was Apple Computer, and that was the beginning of managed care.

I spent the next decade working in healthcare, mostly in the areas of marketing, product development, and business development for a Fortune 500 company. In fact most of my career has always been in customer-facing roles, and I wouldn't have it any other way. That gave me the most direct exposure to see how the organizations I was a part of could improve and make things better for others.

From there it's really no surprise that I ventured into the training and development industry with a small firm specializing in e-learning. That was in the late 90's and the rapid pace of acquisition soon left me on my own to search for my next path. It led me to the high-tech industry. I joined a start-up in the middle of the dot-com boom in 1999 with the hopes of having a financial life-changing experience. Turns out it was life-changing event, just not a financial one. The company developed software that borrowed unused computing cycles on PCs to provide super-computing capabilities. This could be used for drug modeling to develop better compounds. Turns out it was a little before its time, and I was laid off September 4, 2001, one week before our world changed forever.

So what does a professional do when there are no jobs in their area? They become a consultant. So I founded my own firm, CONGRUITY, that specialized in marketing, customer insight, and customer relationship strategies. I never thought I would be on my own, as I truly enjoy working within teams. However, I've had the opportunity to learn more than I imagined being on my own, mostly because when you have your own firm it is all up to you.

This brings me to EPICo where I manage our client relationships, our voice-of-the-customer work, learner support communities, and our marketing. Being part of EPICo fulfills my desire to be part of a diverse team of extremely talented and dedicated professionals who want to make a difference through their work.


While my career has brought me immense satisfaction, it is my efforts outside of work that I am most proud of. I love animals and have spent many years as a volunteer for organizations dedicated to making the lives of animals and people better. In 1998 I was honored to receive the United Way's Community Heroes Volunteer Award for my volunteer work with the Humane Society.

The effort I am most proud of is being a founding member and instructor of one of the longest running Rec Clubs at UCSD. For the last 30 years we have been teaching self-development through self-defense with the hopes of improving lives and communities for generations to come.


Well I admit that I love chocolate, and ice cream isn't bad either. Even though I do try to eat healthy and stay fit, I would be willing to sit through an IT Requirements meeting for a Klondike Bar.