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Michael Johnson

Michael Johnson

CEO & Executive Producer

Michael R. Johnson has more than 20 years of experience in nearly all forms of media production. With an emphasis in education, his final project as an undergraduate in television and film earned him his first Emmy Award. But it was his Masters coursework in Educational Technology where he found his true calling - the emerging fields of interactive multimedia training and distance education.

As Director of Instructional Development at a proprietary college in the healthcare field, Michael oversaw the design, development, production, and revision of hundreds of hours of auto-instructional distance education courseware. Primarily print-based and designed for working adults, the subject matter ranged from general education courses to degree programs in respiratory therapy, electroneurodiagnostic technology, health services management, and a Masters in Community Health Administration and Wellness Promotion, among others. With a foundation in instructional design under his belt, Michael eventually sought the challenges of working with more sophisticated media technology.

Michael found his challenge at an interactive multimedia start-up that was two years into developing a 24-disc interactive television-based training program and was about to lose its biggest client for lack of performance. With no prior experience in managing software development, it was Michael's job to fix a broken and unproven production methodology and repair client relations. Within the first few months, enough progress was made that the client stayed with the firm. Michael and his team ultimately fixed the problems and reduced the entire production process - from scripting to producing a beta disc - to only 12 days. Features pioneered by the product - such as a virtual keyboard, cursorless interface, adaptive branching logic, and a context-sensitive help system in eight languages - helped the product ultimately win a gold International Compact Disc-Interactive Award.

Eventually, Michael was recruited to help run one of the largest and most respected interactive training firms in the industry where 175 employees served a who's who of Fortune 500 companies. Co-founded by one of Michael's future business partners, Steve Holder, the company earned its reputation with clients such as Nissan, Ford Motor Company, Ford Motor Credit, IBM, Steelcase, Raytheon, Sony, AT&T, Toyota Financial, General Motors, Daimler-Chrysler (among others), by creating sophisticated, custom interactive and blended training programs that were engaging for the learner, producing proven results. Many of the programs were rolled out in multiple languages, employed simulation-based environments, and won prestigious awards.

Michael next served as president of a national training company that delivered traditional instructor-led programs, coaching, and mentoring to IT staffing firms. During his tenure, he was the architect of an adjunct training product - a game-like web-based program that fused entertainment and education into one seamless experience.

For the past six years, Michael has served as CEO of Industrial Strength Television, Inc. where he and his team have won over 20 Emmy Awards for the documentaries, commercials, and PSAs they have produced. Working with authors like Ken Blanchard and others, Michael's passion for helping people improve their lives through education and training has lead him to create a second company, EPICo (Energy and Performance Improvement Collaborative), in order to focus on the areas of personal growth and professional development.